Better Chance Homes - Reuniting unclaimed funds with their rightful owners.
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You have received a letter or postcard from us indicating money is currently being held in an account in your name, just waiting for you to come forward and claim it.  Better Chance Homes, LLC takes great pride in our track record of success in returning those funds to their rightful owner(s).  The average turnaround time is 30 days from the time all documents are provided to the state or fedral agency holding the funds.  To move forward, get the required forms or contact us.
Although we would love to tell you where the funds are located, we have found that many times people will go behind our backs and claim the money if we tell them where it is being held.  We have many hours of research into your file and will represent you to retrieve what is rightfully yours.  We ask for no money in advance and will never ask for any bank account information.  We get paid when you get paid and our fees are well below what an average law firm would charge.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  Now to move forward with getting your funds, fill out the forms by downloading from the forms page, or contact us for more information and we will send you a brochure and the paperwork.  Email us at
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